Perfect Prompt for Midjourney Logos

In today’s visually driven world, logos play a crucial role in brand recognition and identity. We will learn the art of creating a Midjourney logo and how to monetize the same . This blog will provide a comprehensive guide on how to create logos using midjourney and explore various avenues to monetize your logo design skills.

For you to design a logo you have to first start with what is possible using midjourney. Take a look at the blogs linked here logo design exploration and logo exploration. Once you have a sense of what midjourney is able to do. Lets use ChatGPT to generate logo template using some of the existing prompts you have discovered.

Midjourney Prompt for Logos

Let’s begin by opening up chatgpt . Please follow along to see the results

I want you to be an expert logo designer with additional knowledge about branding. I will provide a few examples of prompts that are good. And I want you to generate midjourney prompts based on that for any topic I ask. Do you understand the task? If you understand I can provide sample prompts

Yes, I understand the task. You would like me to generate mid-journey prompts based on examples of good logo design prompts you provide. I’ll do my best to assist you with logo design and branding related prompts for any topic you ask. Please go ahead and provide the sample prompts.

Few Shot Examples

Once ChatGPT has understood the task go ahead with providing samples

* ) flat vector logo of deer head, minimal graphic --no realistic photo detail shading
* ) a mascot logo of a robot, simple, vector --no shading detail
* ) a simple logo of a diamond, gradient, flat, vector --no realistic photo details
* ) vector graphic logo of panda, simple minimal --no realistic photo details
* ) minimal logo, gradient in triangles
* ) Flat geometric vector graphic logo of geometric flower, radial repeating, simple minimal, by Ivan Chermayeff
* ) simple minimal logo of chicken, style of Rob Janoff --no shading detail photo realistic
* ) A simple vector logo, bicycle, Pop Art inspired, using bold and contrasting colors, rounded thick outlines, white background --no circle
*) Beautiful square iOS icon for Storywriter: write stories with AI. Concept old Mac screen. Flat render. Subtle gradients, no letters

Next, ask Chatgpt to provide a prompt template based on the examples

The goal is for you to build a prompt template using the example I shared so that I can enter a word or a topic and you can generate the prompt for that

It will provide a template that you can use as the base prompt. Here is an example response from chatgpt

Based on the examples you provided, here's a prompt template that can be used for generating prompts based on different words or topics:

Design a [vector graphic/logo] of [word/topic], keeping the design [simple/minimal] and avoiding [realistic photo details/shading detail]. Ensure the design incorporates [specific elements or style references, if any].

For example, if you'd like a prompt for the word "elephant," you could use the template like this:

Design a vector graphic logo of an elephant, keeping the design simple and minimal, without realistic photo details.

Feel free to enter any word or topic, and I'll generate a prompt based on the template.

Next, once you have the template we can explicitly ask for prompts matching certain criteria. Here is the prompt and the answer I got from chatgpt.

Prompt Templates for Midjourney

How about you generate 10 different topics for small businesses, entrepreneur, real estate agents and then generate prompts for the same?

Certainly! Here are 10 different topics for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and real estate agents:
Coffee Shop
Fitness Studio
Boutique Clothing Store
Web Design Agency
Food Truck
Wedding Planner
Accounting Firm
Home Staging Services
Pet Grooming Salon
Property Management Company

Now, let’s generate prompts for each of these topics using the template:

Design a [vector graphic/logo] for a [coffee shop], keeping the design [simple/minimal] and avoiding [realistic photo details/shading detail].

Create a [vector graphic/logo] for a [fitness studio], ensuring the design reflects a [dynamic/modern] aesthetic with [bold colors/simple shapes].

Develop a [vector graphic/logo] for a [boutique clothing store], incorporating [elegant/fashion-forward] elements while maintaining a [clean/minimal] design.

Design a [vector graphic/logo] for a [web design agency], capturing the essence of [creativity/innovation] with [sleek lines/modern typography].

Create a [vector graphic/logo] for a [food truck], infusing the design with [playful/vibrant] colors and [whimsical/food-related] elements.

Develop a [vector graphic/logo] for a [wedding planner], evoking a sense of [romance/elegance] through [graceful/script typography] and [subtle/soft] color palette.

Design a [vector graphic/logo] for an [accounting firm], reflecting [reliability/professionalism] with [clean lines/balanced composition] and [minimal/color palette].

Create a [vector graphic/logo] for a [home staging services] business, utilizing [sophisticated/geometric] shapes and [neutral/color scheme] to convey [elegance/modern appeal].

Develop a [vector graphic/logo] for a [pet grooming salon], infusing the design with [playful/animal-themed] elements and [vibrant/pastel] colors.

Design a [vector graphic/logo] for a [property management company], conveying [trustworthiness/efficiency] through [strong/serif typography] and [clean/modern] design.

Feel free to let me know if you need prompts for any other specific topics or if there’s anything else I can assist you with!

Midjourney Logo Examples

Develop a logo for a wedding planner, evoking a sense of romance and elegance through graceful typography and soft color palette.

Midjourney logo for wedding planner

Design a logo for an accounting firm, reflecting professionalism with clean lines/balanced composition and minimal palette.

Midjourney Logo for Accounting Firm

Develop a logo for a pet grooming salon, infusing the design with playful elements and vibrant colors.

Midjourney Logo for Pet grooming company

Flat geometric vector graphic logo of geometric flower, radial repeating, simple minimal, by Ivan Chermayeff

Midjourney logo

As you can see the text on the logos are not something we can rely only. However, we could use a tool like Canva to update and create the perfect logo. If you want me to write a blog on the same do let me know

Now that you are equipped with logo design skills, you have a great opportunity to monetize on platforms like Fiverr. By creating a profile that highlights their expertise, portfolio, and unique selling points, freelancers can attract potential clients seeking logo design services. Offering different packages tailored to clients’ needs and budgets allows freelancers to showcase their pricing options and deliverables. Building positive client reviews and ratings boosts credibility and attract more customers. Effective communication, timely delivery, and providing exceptional logo designs are essential to establish a strong reputation. Through Fiverr, freelancers can tap into a global client base, expand their network, and ultimately generate a steady income by leveraging their logo design skills.

Let me know if you have any feedback. Feel free to comment and share the content. Also, if you like this I am sure you will probably like our other blog post about Midjourney Prompts: The Definitive Guide (2023)

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